Finally, a gas analyser that is especially and carefully designed for MGPS testing professionals!

The MGPS1000 has been developed based on AG Instruments patented technology and the Technology Made to Measure™ concept which aims at using the best available sensing technologies to produce highly user-focused products of the highest quality.

This has only been possible by bringing together some of the most experienced MGPS professionals in the world with top gas analysis design engineers to produce an instrument that fulfils all HTM02-01 medical gas testing needs, providing users with the most reliable measurements in the shortest possible time.


All MGPS Gas Testing in One Instrument

  • Measures O2, N2O, Water Vapour, CO2, CO, SO2, NO, NO2, gas pressure and vacuum.
  • Integrated Oil, Polytest and Particulates Test.
  • Connects to any terminal units or NIST with gas pressure up to 13 Bar.
  • Optional measurement of ambient level of hazardous gases for COSHH purposes.
  • Optional Anaesthetic gases leak detection.
  • The most comprehensive, efficient and convenient MGPS testing solution available in the world.

Reliable Technologies

  • Most advanced sensing technologies for all gases.
  • Paramagnetic sensor for O2.
  • Infrared Absorption sensors for N2O, CO2 and water vapour.
  • Advanced Electrochemical cells to measure CO, SO2, NOx down to 0.01ppm.

Fast Operation

  • Simultaneous measurement of all mandatory HTM-02-01 gases and oil.
  • Fast and reliable paramagnetic sensor for O2 measurement.
  • Infrared Absorption water vapour measurement – much faster than current capacitive, electronic or chilled mirror sensors.
  • All remaining gases measured using Infrared Absorption or Electrochemical Cells providing fast and reliable readings.
  • Simple operation, gas connections, handling as well as data recording provide an optimal streamlined operation.

Automatic Air Calibration

  • No air bottle is needed to perform Air calibration.
  • Built-in filter provides dry and clean air for automatic Air Calibration when needed.
  • Precise temperature and pressure calibration for stable readings and reduced gas calibration.

Simple and Reliable Gas Connections

  • Direct connection to any terminal unit or NIST through a robust stainless-steel braided hose.
  • No need for pressure or flow regulators.
  • Hose is PTFE-lined and sealed at both ends to minimise hose purging time and ensures gas sample integrity.
  • Safe gas discharge using one vent tube.

Secure and Complete Data Recording and Reporting

  • Password protected access to ensure the integrity of the tests.
  • Test results are shown with out of range values highlighted according to HTM02-01.
  • Gas test results, particulates, oil, odour and Polytest results are securely stored with sample IDs and user notes.
  • Data can be uploaded to the MGPS-Reports PC Software.
  • Data can also be exported to a USB Memory Stick.

Ergonomic Design

  • Robust wheeled case for protection, ease of movement and hands-free experience.
  • Large 7” colour touch screen for excellent readability and control.
  • All accessories are neatly stored in the case internal lid – no need for additional storage cases.
  • Additional built-in storage compartment for other user tools or calibration bottles.

Gas Connection

Connects to any terminal units or NIST with gas pressure up to 13 Bar

Main Screen

Identification and quality tests.  Optional ambient monitoring and leak detection.

Data Uploaded to Computer

Data can be uploaded to the MGPS-Reports PC Software or exported to USB memory stick.

Instrument accessories

All accessories are neatly stored in the case internal lid – no need for additional storage cases.