About Us


We, at AG Instruments Ltd, are a group of people who are motivated by the desire to make products that surprise, and exceed the expectations of, our customers. We simply like to make our customers happy!

We know the difference between making a product that performs a function and one that offers a great experience! We like to use fresh innovative ideas to offer our customers such great experience.

We appreciate that a great product does not only demand creativity, knowledge, experience and dedication but also a passion for excellence!

That’s why we take great interest and care in the selection and development of our staff. Our current staff bring together a wealth of experience in gas analysis and product development. This long experience has taught us to put the customer at the centre of product development activities to make sure that the end product meets or exceeds customer expectation.

Our Systems


Our ISO9001 systems have been developed using the same ingredients that we use to develop our products resulting in robust, reliable and user-friendly systems which allow us to manufacture products of the highest standards.

We have invested heavily in our facilities including a fully automated calibration and testing system which ensures that our gas analysers are ready to provide the most accurate and reliable measurements under wide operating conditions for users across the globe.

Our History


AG Instruments Ltd was established in 2009 to develop innovative highly customer-focused gas analysis products. Although our staff have been developing advanced technology products for much longer, some with over 30 years’ experience.

Early in its development, in 2011, the company’s innovation excellence has been nationally recognised, being selected by the UK Parliamentary Manufacturing Group as one of only 41 companies across the UK to represent British industry in the “Made By Britain” exhibition.

Through its history, AGI has been supplying gas analysers to over 35 countries worldwide. Until recently, the products have been sold under the brand of a leading provider of gas analyser equipment.

While we continue to work with our partners to provide them with top gas analyser products that best serve their markets and customers, we are also using our technology to develop AGI branded products that serve customers in other markets that could benefit from our technology such as our new, ground breaking, MGPS1000 Medical Gas Piped Systems analyser.

Our Technology


Our customer-focused approach means that we aim to bring the best technology that meets the user’s needs rather than stretch out technologies beyond their reach!

We have extensive experience with a number of gas sensing technologies which allows us to choose the optimal technology for measuring a particular gas.  This has allowed us to build a library of over 450 gases that can be measured using our range of technologies.

Moreover, our patented gas analyser technology allows us to measure more than 15 gases out of this library simultaneously using a range of gas sensing technologies in a compact and portable format.

As an example, the MGPS1000 includes 13 different gas sensors using a range of gas measurement technologies including NDIR, Paramagnetic and electrochemical cells to measure the range of gases needed for MGPS testing as well as for COSHH and leak detection tests.